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Tofino's Local Delivery Service

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Delivering Tofino's best straight to your door!

Whether you're looking to send a last minute gift, a foodie with a craving to satisfy, need  to stock up on grocery or pharmacy essentials, or even a couple cold ones, we've got delivery in Tofino covered.  

Tofino Delivery makes life easier, connecting you to the people, places and food you love and need.  Our food delivery service brings the best of Tofino's culinary scene straight to your door.  Our Network partners offer a variety of flavours to choose from.  While Gift Service, Bottle Service,  Grocery and Pharmacy Service ensure you have access to almost anything from the comfort of you home. We ensure your items are delivered safely and in a timely manner.  So sit back, relax and experience the convenience of Tofino Delivery.To

How it Works🤔

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*Peruse our Network Partners menus and contacts here or on our App. 

*Call in your order to your restaurant of choice.

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*Call us or use the App to let us know where to pick up, when, and how to find you. 

 *Pay us in full at the door. 

Powered by Square, we take Cash,  Debit, Visa, MC.

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*Sit back relax. Be your best self and slay the day!  We're dodging line ups and battling traffic on your behalf.
*We'll keep you updated , send your total and our ETA

Order within The Network to avoid the $5 Network Outsider charge.

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About Us

Sometimes you're too busy or tired.  Sometimes the waves are too good.  Sometimes your underwear is just too awesome to put pants on over top.  

The reasons to call Tofino Delivery are endless! Almost anything is more fun than battling traffic, finding parking and picking up take-out. 

  At Tofino Delivery, we take pride in being your trusted local delivery service in Tofino. With a focus on providing top-notch delivery options for gifts, restaurant food, groceries, pharmacy items, and alcohol, connecting you to all the classics and bringing it straight to your door.  Handling each order with care and efficiency Tofino Delivery is here to meet all your delivery needs.

   Hours: Wed - Sun 12pm - 8pm  
           Closed: Mon - Tues           

Making Connections with On Demand Delivery 

   We want to hear from you.

What can we help you with?

Servicing Restaurants, Accomodations, Grocery, Pharmacy, Convenience and More. 

*  Fast reliable Service   *   Seasonal flexibility   *   Month to month contract or Flat Rate   *   Easy cancellation 

*   Flexible and Adaptable service for your business needs   *

Join our Network. Restaurant food delivery Tofino.
Join our Network. Grocery delivery Tofino.
Join our Network.  Pharmacy delivery Tofino
Join our Network. Accomodation delivery Tofino.





Would rate 10/10 if I could. Tofino delivery was super quick and got back to me right away. Went into the store for me and picked out some lovely flowers to be delivered for a friend. Will definitely use again. Thank you 😊

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