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Tofino's Local Delivery Service

Your local connection

Whether your a foodie looking for a fresh meal from your favourite restaurant delivered, or looking to send a thoughtful gift to a loved one We've got you covered and we bring it straight to your door!

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Order within The Network to avoid the $5 Network Outsider charge.

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About Us

Sometimes you're too busy or tired.  Sometimes the waves are too good.  Sometimes your underwear is just too awesome to put pants on over top.  

The reasons to call Tofino Delivery are endless! Because almost anything is more fun than battling traffic, finding parking and picking up take-out. 

We've complied our favourite Tofino businesses to bring you The Network!  Tofino Delivery gives you easy access, to all the classics and brings it straight to your door.

   Hours: Wed - Sun 12pm - 8pm  
           Closed: Mon - Tues           

Provide on demand delivery services to your clients.

 Servicing for Restaurants, Accomodations, Grocery, Pharmacy, Convenience and More.

*  Fast reliable Service   *   Seasonal flexibility   *   Month to month contract   *   Easy cancellation 

  *  Pay as you go options  *   Flexible and Adaptable service for your business needs

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Would rate 10/10 if I could. Tofino delivery was super quick and got back to me right away. Went into the store for me and picked out some lovely flowers to be delivered for a friend. Will definitely use again. Thank you 😊

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