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Zone 1 = $8
(in town to the Gas n' Go)
Zone 2 = $12
(To South Chesterman Beach Rd)
Zone 3 = $16
(To Cox Bay)
Airport $35 
(For airport delivery please call first before you order! I am not always available for Airport deliveries, but I do my best.  Available before 4pm.)

Tofino Workforce = $7, $11, $14

Industry Rate = $7, $9, $13

(Industry Rate is not applicable to Liquor, tobacco sales)

Liquor and grocery orders include a 15% service charge.  Gift boxes include 18% service.

Service is applied for the time and care it takes to hand pick you items.

Tofino Delivery drivers hustle hard on you behalf!  

You can tip these Legends at the door!

(Rates are subject to change with out notice)

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