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Restaurant Service

On demand food delivery from our favourite restaurants arriving fast, fresh and hot!

Seafood, Pizza, Fish and Chips, Tacos, Burgers


How to order?   1.  Call up your restaurant of choice and place your order, your way.

2.   Call us or use the App to place your pick up request

3.  Pay in full at the door. 

Some restaurants have an online payments, that 's cool too. Pay us for delivery at the door.

4.   Keep your phone nearby!  We'll be contacting you regarding your order.

Want to order from a restaurant we aren't partnered with?

 We charge $5 for stops outside The Network

Please note:  A 10% gratuity will be applied to your bill at the restaurant of your choice.  This gratuity goes directly to the restaurant and is exclusive of Tofino Delivery.  Want to tip these hard workers more?  Just specify your tip percentage with you pick up details.

Tofino Delivery drivers hustle hard on you behalf!  

You can tip these Legends at the door!

We accept Cash, Debit, Visa and Master Card.  Powered by Square.

Restaurant Service

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