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Gift Service


Our gifts are made to order, each one is individual and is presented  dressed with greenery and a few seasonal flowers..  We shop local, on your behalf, from the finest Tofino offers.  Choose from hand made chocolates, custom charcuterie, craft beer and more.  Let us know what your budget is and we'll put some things together for the perfect surprise.  Give us call or send us an email and we'll  get you sorted.

Multiple stop gift deliveries are $25.

Single stops, regular delivery charges apply.

A service charge of %18 is applied for this service.

Service is applied for the time and care it takes to hand pick you items and craft your box. 

Tofino Delivery drivers hustle hard on you behalf!  

You can tip these Legends at the door or upon billing.


The examples below, prices are approximate not exact. 

24hr notice is appreciated.

Gift Service Network

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Click on the examples below for pricing estimates.

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