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Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

Next time you're feeling hungry go to our website and check out the menus from your favourite Tofino restaurants.  Once you've decided what want you want, call up your desired restaurant and place your order, your way.  After that give us a call at 250-522-0071, or plug your details into our app, to arrange your pick up.

From there it's easy. You relax while we take care of the rest. . We will pick up your order, safely tucking it into a thermal bag, making sure cool food stays cool and hot food stays hot. After scooting through traffic on our delivery scooter making our way to your home, we arrive at your door and take your payment right then and there, whether you're paying cash, debit or credit.



How much does it cost?

Depending on your location, fees vary.  

* Within the down town core = $7

* Gas n' Go station to South Chesterman Beach Rd = $12

* South Chesterman's to Cox Bay expect to pay $16  

* Additional stops  are $5 each.

For example: You live within the down town core, order from a restaurant and the liquor store, your delivery charge will be $12

*Please Note!!! WE ACCEPT CASH, DEBIT, VISA, MC.  


How long does a delivery take?

While our average delivery time is 45 minutes, delivery times can depend on several variables. Busy restaurants, dinner-time rush, summer traffic can each play into longer wait times​.​  ALWAYS keep your phone close by.  We will be contacting you regarding details of your order.


What is your delivery range?

We deliver to the entire town of Tofino out to and including Cox Bay.


Do I tip my driver?


They hustle hard on your behalf!


How do you ensure food quality?

We make sure that it's possible for a driver to be at the restaurant as soon as your food is ready. No one likes a soggy sandwich or lukewarm tacos.


Will I get utensils with my order?

Tofino Delivery does not provide utensils so it depends on whether the restaurant includes them in their take-out packaging or not. However, as with anything else, if you ask for it, we will make sure it arrives with your order, just make sure to mention it on the phone or include it in your order notes.


I got the wrong/incomplete order.  What do I do?

Call us immediately at 250-522-0071. We, along with our restaurant partners, do our best to make sure every order goes smoothly, but unfortunately sometimes one of us slips up. When this happens we want to know about it right away so we can make it right as quickly as possible.


I don't see my favourite restaurant on your site.  Can I order from a restaurant that is not on your site?

Of course! We charge $2 extra to pick up from non-partnered establishments. 

Give them a call and place your order.  Then call us or go to our app to send a driver.  

Can I order from more than one restaurant?

Sure can! In fact we encourage it, as we feel that's using our service to its fullest potential. You can order from as many restaurants as you'd like. Just keep in mind each additional stop is $5.


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