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Bottle Service

Last Call: Wed - Sun 8 pm


Best way to order liquor delivery is by phone or through the APP.

We shop at the BCLD, MAQ beer and wine, Tofino Brewing Co and Tofino Distillery


As per the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch regulations, liquor is shopped on demand, we do not keep a stock.

15% service will be included with you bill.

Service is applied for the time and care it takes to hand pick you items.


You can mention a specific brand, a price range, or flavour you prefer, but sometimes options can be limited in Tofino so keep that in mind when ordering.  


Keep your phone nearby as we may call back to confirm your order.  

We check 2 pieces of ID upon delivery so have them ready.  

Check out Tofino Brew Co. or Tofino Distillery for truly a unique, local option.

Tofino Delivery drivers hustle hard on you behalf!  

You can tip these Legends at the door!


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